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No more uploading! FileThis fetches statements automatically.

Time is money, especially for financial professionals. That's why we've created FileThis that fetches and organizes your client's bank statements, tax related documents like 1099s or W-2s, bills and online documents in a cloud based digital filing cabinet for them. All automatically. Every statement, every month. It also organizes and names files consistently, making access to tax-related or finance documents a snap.

Access your client's documents when you need them.

Complete and secure access to your client's documents. The new FileThis Pro Portal lets you invite your clients with one click. Now you can access your client's files when they are ready, obtain multiple client statements at once, pre-schedule work levels across your firm, and know when documents will arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between FileThis and FileThis Pro? In addition to the client service at FileThis.com, FileThis Pro provides a way to invite and manage clients. This web application is called Pro Services Console or Admin Console

How do I access my clients documents? That depends on the destinations you have enabled in the Admin Console. If your clients are using FileThis Cloud, you can access their documents in the Admin Console. If you are using partner destinations like SmartVault, Box, Dropbox or Google Drive, your clients will have to share their FileThis folder from their cloud storage account with you.

What does my client get after I invite him? Your client will receive an invite from no-reply@FileThis.com. Clicking on "Sign Up" will take your client to a temporary landing page for your firm where your client can register for your service.

How many administrators can be assigned to a client? The FileThis Pro Account owner can assign one administrator for each client.

How can I change my password? To change your password login into FileThis.com and enter your current pro account credentials. In the upper left corner use the dropdown arrow next to your name to access your security settings.

Where can I find a list of connections? Here is the most current list of connections for FileThis

When I try to invite a new client via email FileThis tells me the client already exists? This will occur if the email account already has been set up as a consumer FileThis account. In order to move the client to your FileThis Pro account, the client will need to: (1) disconnect each connection on their FileThis.com account and (2) Cancel their existing FileThis consumer account by contacting support@filethis.com.

How many historical documents will be received on the first connection attempt? FileThis supports up to three years worth of historical data for each connection. However, the fetching of historical documents can limited by the instiution. For example some banks will provide for 12 months of statements and some Credit Card connections allow for two years of statements.

Why has FileThis stopped fetching files for my client? There could be multiple reasons. Instruct your client to visit his FileThis account and follow the instructions for connections that need to be fixed or require attention.

How secure are my client’s files? FileThis uses bank-level security with 256 bit encryption for data and communication. Files stored on other locations than FileThis Cloud are subject to the specific storage providers security level.

Can I change the email address associated with my Pro Account? You can change your login credentials and customize a few features in FileThis Account Settings. To modify your account, click on your name in the upper-left corner of the FileThis web app. Select Settings from the menu to display the FileThis Account Settings dialog box. Modify any settings and then click Save Changes.

How can my clients easily move files stored on their computer to their FileThis storage? Users can upload documents multiple ways: (1) manually by selecting "Upload" in the FileThis web app, (2) via email by sending emails to the user's unique FileThis email address (which can be found in the user settings in the client web app); and (3) via FileThis Drop, a free application that places a “watched” folder on their hard drive that functions as a drop box. Whenever the clients have a document they would like to add to the FileThis Cloud storage destination they can chose to drag it to the FileThis Drop folder. The document is immediately—and securely—removed from your computer and uploaded to your FileThis account.