Show your paperwork who’s boss.

What’s not to like about having all your important stuff delivered to you and organized automatically? It’s virtually guaranteed to make you all warm and fuzzy inside. Check out the benefits and what you can expect when you allow FileThis to collect, store, and manage your documents for you:

  1. 1Save time. The average American household spends 45 minutes a day on paperwork. Since FileThis handles everything for you automatically, you get to use that time on more important things.
  2. 2Store docs in one place. Sounds simple, but it’s a really big idea. You no longer have to remember a gazillion logins just to check on your balances or verify charges.
  3. 3Avoid manual filing. Keeping your documents filed and organized takes no time at all. FileThis automatically categorizes your documents and files them in the right place.
  4. 4Find lost documents. Looking for a document from months or even years ago? FileThis fetches documents dating back to the Jurassic Age, and even files from your closed accounts.
  5. 5Secure your documents. If something untoward goes down, you can at least be sure that you have access to your most important documents.
  6. 6Take your docs with you. Your entire digital filing cabinet is with you on your smartphone, tablet or laptop so you can answer questions wherever you are. From your doctor, your CPA, your school, your realtor or your parole officer.

Significant tasks become – well, significantly easier.

Seems like everything in life requires documentation. And the bigger the task, the more documents to locate, fill out, and manage. FileThis makes it so much easier, you’ll want to bring it home to meet the family.

  1. 1Doing your taxes. Locating tax-related documents is a snap. After all, everything is in one place and searchable by date. What’s more, you can select all your documents and forward them to your CPA in one batch. How’s that for easy?
  2. 2Running the house. FileThis makes household organization simple, and, dare we say, fun. Documents are filed in a way that makes them easy to find and share. From mortgage documents to warranties to credit card statements, your documents are stored safely and are only a couple of clicks away.
  3. 3Managing medical records. When medical issues arise, the last thing you want to do is dig through mountains of papers. Whether it’s an emergency situation or a routine appointment, bring FileThis along on your mobile device, and easily share the appropriate documents with your medical provider.
  4. 4Caring for your parents. From health data to retirement information to estate planning, documents that are important for the elderly are often unorganized or unfiled. FileThis files everything securely, so you can easily find even the smallest details when you need them.
  5. 5Buying a house. Now there’s a process that can drown you in paperwork – from tax returns to monthly income statements to proof of insurance. Locating all those documents with FileThis is fast and accurate. And because all documents are organized the same way, you can be sure of finding the whole kit and caboodle.
  6. 6Handling school expenses. If you have kids in college, you know how much paperwork you get – from schools, banks, the government, and everywhere in between. FileThis lets you store these documents by forwarding emails to your own FileThis email address. Then, no matter where you are, you can review them at a moment’s notice.