Your documents are ready. Where would you like them?

FileThis turns your existing cloud service — including Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and Google Drive — into a personal digital filing system. That means you can access your important documents in a way that you’re familiar with. Best of all, we automatically deliver and file new paperless statements, documents, and bills whenever they’re ready.

FileThis Cloud. Easy and smart to boot.

Yes, FileThis can store your online documents in your existing cloud service. But if you’re looking for smart on top of easy, we recommend FileThis Cloud.

FileThis Cloud is the only service designed specifically for fetching, storing, managing, finding, and working with documents. How so? Its proprietary document analysis engine allows it to understand each and every document, and then file it with remarkable accuracy. FileThis Cloud is extremely reliable, and is accessible from anywhere, anytime. This beauty really wants to please.

On top of that, you can access FileThis Cloud from anywhere, anytime.

Be aware. Contains artificial ingredients.

FileThis has artificial intelligence. It really understands the content in your documents. That’s why it can organize so accurately. Dates, account numbers, institutions, names, keywords — all are indexed and intelligently structured to provide you with the most powerful way to manage your documents, bar none.

Meet your personal filing assistant.

A good filing system groups important documents together so you can find them with ease. Unfortunately, manual filing can take up so much of your precious time. That’s why we developed FileThis to do the job for you. Introducing your digital filing assistant whose only desire is to build you a meaningful digital filing system to keep you organized and happy.

OCR for better search.

Some documents such as title deeds and birth certificates are image based. Perhaps you scanned something or took a picture with your phone. In order to make documents like these searchable using our text analysis engine, FileThis turns them into text using OCR. With FileThis, no document goes unfiled.

Smart tagging for clear organization.

When importing documents, FileThis analyzes them for clues about how to file them. Dates, account numbers, currency, and keywords, are examined and filtered through our proprietary algorithms. For example, statements from utilities are first filed in the Utilities cabinet and then tagged with all relevant bits of information, such as Statement, Gas & Electric, or Invoice. Yes, it does feel a little like magic.

Relevant dates for reliable grouping.

What if you uploaded your July bank statement to FileThis in December? Not a problem. FileThis identifies the actual statement date automatically, and files it exactly where it belongs. There’s no need to worry about how to organize any old documents you happen to find. Just upload them and FileThis will take care of the rest.