AboutOne is a secure place to organize and connect family. FileThis automatically delivers your documents directly into your Family Organizer.

AboutOne: Family Organizer.

AboutOne’s smart, powerful solution replaces the file cabinets, notebooks, and various other tools families use to manage memories and household information. AboutOne saves time and makes information readily available at all times.

Fetch. Your docs where you want them.

FileThis is a free web service that automatically delivers your online statements, documents, and bills to AboutOne, or your cloud storage provider of choice.

File. Automatic. Accurate. Reliable.

FileThis creates clearly named searchable PDFs of your documents and files them automatically in AboutOne.

Find. Never lose another document.

FileThis prepares your fetched documents for AboutOne so you can find them quickly – especially when you’re on the go.

Connecting FileThis and AboutOne:

Setting up FileThis for AboutOne takes only a few minutes but the benefits are long lasting. If you don’t have a AbountOne account, you can create a free account.

  1. After creating your FileThis account, choose AboutOne as the destination and authorize FileThis to automatically deliver documents to your AboutOne account.
  2. Then click on the “Connections” tab and find your accounts in the “Add a Connection” list. Now you can set up your financial and other household connections to FileThis.
  3. Once an account is connected, FileThis retrieves all available documents and sends them directly to your AboutOne account, where they are stored as contacts.