Say goodbye to your binders. Say hello to FileThis Cloud, your intelligent digital filing cabinet that lets you manage your household like a pro.

Smart Cabinets

Cabinets are the top-level organizers for your documents in your virtual filing cabinet. You may have a cabinet for your financial documents and one for your home-related documents. After analyzing documents, FileThis automatically assigns them to the appropriate cabinets. The cool thing is that it has the smarts to figure out that your mortgage statement belongs in both the home and financial cabinets. Of course you can always move documents into different cabinets manually, and even create your own.


FileThis fetches your documents and places them in accounts. For each institution you set up in the system, you’ll have one or more accounts. For example, if you have both a mortgage and a credit card with Bank of America, FileThis will automatically create two accounts for you. When you need to find your Bank of America mortgage statements, you’ll simply look in the Mortgage Account.


Tags are the tools that help you get the most out of FileThis. Think of them as the manila folders inside a filing cabinet. For example, you may have tags for credit cards, tax documents and savings/retirement related documents. FileThis automatically tags documents based on its analysis, and will even create new tags where it makes sense. Of course, you can also define your own tags. Hey, we just want you to be happy

Storing your documents

Many important documents are already in digital form. For example, banks often publish statements in PDF format. FileThis makes it a snap to get your digital documents into your FileThis account with a range of easy options:

Fetch. Automatic, magical document retrieval.

Fetch is our auto-collector that retrieves statements and other documents from your financial providers, utilities, and other services, and delivers them to the storage of your choice. Fetch is built into FileThis, and is highly secure and completely optional.

Simply select a service provider from the list of supported institutions; provide your login credentials; and FileThis will fetch all your documents immediately. FileThis will then automatically fetch new documents as they become available. You can even tell it to send you an email whenever it fetches a new document.

FileThis Drop. Dropbox-style upload from your desktop.

FileThis Drop lets you add documents to your FileThis account directly and securely from your computer. Drop files and folders into your FileThis Drop folder, and they’re immediately sent to your FileThis account. Quick and simple – the perfect way to move your scanned document library into the cloud!

Upload. Drag and drop directly onto your browser.

Use your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) to upload documents directly into your account.

Email. Send docs to your personal FileThis email address.

FileThis comes with your own FileThis email account, so you can email documents directly into your account. And check this out: When you receive one of those infernally long email chains with tons of attachments, simply forward it to FileThis, and it will automatically import all the attachments, analyze them, organize them, and let you know when they're ready for viewing.

Scan with your smart phone. Our iPhone and iPad apps are free.

Available now. Using our free FileThis iPhone or iPad app, you can simply snap a picture of your receipts and send them directly to your FileThis account.

Getting organized. Yes, it’s automatic, but you still have complete control.

FileThis Cloud does a lot of work automatically. In fact, many of our users find that it’s so good at organizing on its own that they don’t need to do anything manually. For those who prefer their own systems, here are some tips on getting the most out of FileThis:


Create your own set of tags that are meaningful to you. For example, if you’re refinancing, you could tag refi to all the documents you’re going to need. The more tags you add to a document, the more easily you’ll be able to locate your documents later. For instance, use the tags Car and Insurance for your car insurance documents.


With accounts, cabinets, tags, and full text search, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without knowing a filename. On top of this, FileThis generates meaningful filenames when it imports documents, including account, description, and timestamp. In list view, this information is particularly helpful. And, of course, you can change the filename to anything you want.


Each document has two very important dates associated with it; the date it was imported, and the date referred to in the document. If you added your homeowner’s policy to FileThis in August, but the policy is dated February, the system retains the upload date, but automatically determines that February is the relevant date. Bottom line, no matter when you upload your documents, FileThis figures out the correct dates to associate with them.


FileThis allows you to view your documents as thumbnails at any size you prefer, or in a traditional file listing. And you can sort your documents in multiple ways; by name, size, page count, date, or even by the number of tags associated with it.

Finding Documents

Why should you organize your documents? So you can find them quickly and easily when you need them, of course! FileThis lets you find your household documents, statements, and more in seconds.

  1. Filter by using Cabinets, Accounts, Tags, keywords, dates, or any combination of them.

  2. As you add filters, FileThis instantly shows documents that match.

  3. You can organize matching documents in different ways: by relevant date, account, document name, and more.