Creating your digital filing cabinet with Google Drive is easy. Signup, sit back, and watch your documents flow in.

It was good before. Now it’s even better!

After signing up with FileThis, go to the Destination tab and select Google Drive as your destination. It takes just seconds to get everything authorized, and then you’re ready to go.

Allow us to drive.

When you use Google Drive with FileThis, your documents are all stored in a top level folder called “FileThis” – go figure. But you’re in control, and you can rename the folder anything you want, and move it anywhere in your Google Drive account

FileThis also creates a series of sub-folders for each of your accounts. For example, your Bank of America credit card statements will go in a separate folder from your Bank of America mortgage statements.

As with all our cloud storage integrations, FileThis delivers searchable PDF files that are well organized and clearly named.

FileThis for Google Drive