Spend less time on paperwork. And more time on things that matter.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average time a household member spent on household management tasks per day was 45 minutes in 2012. FileThis reclaims that time for you. Find your household documents almost instantly, wherever you are.

FileThis Cloud keeps your documents organized.

Find your documents when you need them. With one touch.

FileThis for mobile with one-touch-search.

There are moments we can’t predict. An opportunity from your realtor when you’re in another city, or an opening for that class that needs two types of identification and transfer records. With FileThis, the unpredictable is no problem, because you have your entire digital filing cabinet with you at all times.

Find any document. And any word or word phrase.

FileThis excels at managing household documents like bank statements, utility bills, insurance documentation, and the like. It can read the content of your documents, determine the relevant date, name your document intelligently, and even match up your document with your household accounts. When it comes to finding a specific document, FileThis will use all the information about your documents.

Cable bills, birth certificates, concert tickets...

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